Children Swimming Pool

Best place to share joy with your kids

The water play area for children provides safe water facilities and various fun water equipment. In addition to the popular water-skiing road and water slides of all ages, there are exciting water guns and dumping buckets, as well as a challenging marvel tunnel and uplifting foot bath. This is a water area that allowed kids go crazy all day without feeling tired.

Water skiing road
The most popular facilities for all ages of people who pursuit pleasure of excitement.

The colorful and conspicuous arch shape is not a standing The most popular water facilities with two stories high and two-meter-wide linear . Experience the pleasure of rushing down from a height and the coolness of the water, you who love adventures must come and try. Water skiing road will adjust the water temperature according to the seasons, we insure to make you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Water gun shooters
The new battlefield of water warfare. The water warriors are ready to go!

Check it out! There are seven super water guns at the poolside of the water area which is a new battlefield for children to play with water guns and fight with water.

During the shooting, kids are allowed to learn the hydrochemical characteristics and develop the flexibility of their bodies while enjoying the joy of playing water.

The dumping bucket
Experience the thrill of showering under a waterfall

The most eye-catching pouring bucket is placed at the top of the children’s slide in the water area. 50 liters of water are stored every 15 minutes after it is full, it will be poured and create a thrilling scene of waterfall. Everyone gathers under the big bucket and waits for the thrill of the bucket pouring down. When the water is poured, it is always accompanied by the sound of children’s excitement.

Water Slides. endless fun

Above the stairs, through the waterspout, down the thrilling slides is the perfect journey for little adventurer. Kids will enjoy the endless fun over and over again. We welcome you and your kids to find laughter and joy at Chuang-Tung String water slides.

Marvel tunnel
Children will never get tired with the water tunnel.

The colorful and conspicuous arch shape is not a standing hula hoop! It is a marvel water tunnel for children. Water columns are sprayed in different directions. The all-around water mist sprayed on children’s body while kids go through the large circle tunnel.

Foot Bath - Enjoy a healthy leisurely time

After playing tired in the water area with kids, come to the bath area for rest. There are six sets of comfortable lounge chairs so you can lie flat comfortably, take a break, soak up your feet or even take a nap. Once the fatigue is eliminated, the next wave of activity is waiting for you and this is the best way to explore here.