Cars Playground

Alternative themed children‘s playground. A brand new world for kids

Unique themed children's playground. A new world for kids.

Five main areas in this themed playground:
Cars Playground

Cars Kid's Race Track

The child's dream of racing

Cars Playground

Underwater World Playground

A paradise of light and shadow exploration

Cars Playground

Young Artist

The explosion of children's creativeness

Cars Playground

PS5 Racing Games

Exciting racing park

Cars Playground

Switch Experience

Suitable for the whole family to play together

Opening Hours of Kars children’s playground
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Cars Circuit. The lightning speed makes the dream of the little racers come true.

The “Cars Kid's Race Track" in Cars Kid's Playground is a race track for children.

A safe race track has been carefully set up in the venue, allowing children to drive their own electric cars on the circuit and enjoy the fun of driving.

Travel through the fantasy underwater world

Unleash the children’s enthusiasm and energy’

The "Underwater World Playground” is a fantasy.

The interactive audio-visual equipment turns this place into a virtual underwater world.

Inside the playground, a super large ball pool full of various colors, a large 200cm wide slide, a pipe slide, and a bounce house welcomes your little adventurer.
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Young Artists.
Explosion of children’s creativity.

An interactive projection experience that allows children to explore their creativeness.

The “Young Artist Zone” is an interactive space inside the C Carz Children’s Playground. We have prepared a huge variety of animal coloring sheet consists of different themes and styles for your kids to choose from. After choosing their own canvas, they can truly show their imagination through the beautiful colors they’ve painted for the animals. The best part is when the coloring is complete, they can project their own art piece onto the interactive screen.

The colorful playroom

The favorite fun space for kids

The Dragon’s Den, A Quiet Recreational Space.

For kids who love to read and enjoy video clips. Entertaining for all.

For kids that are shy and quiet will likely enjoy their time at the Dragon’s Den. The Dragon’s Den is built and designed with colorful details throughout the area. Providing lots of children’s readings and of course building blocks and toy bricks as well as a wide variety for toys to play with
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Gym. Non-Stop for your fitness routine.

Keep your good exercise habit uninterrupted.

Are you worried that your fitness routine will be interrupted by your vacation? The gymnasium in Carz Children’s Playground is a fitness area for this purpose, so that guests can maintain a healthy exercise habit during their pleasant trip.