Accessible Room

Double Room

Friendly, warmth and hospitality service

The friendly rooms are designed with a pragmatic and thoughtful approach, making it possible for guests to experience being cared for in this spacious room.

The friendly space design, spacious walkways, barrier-free shower facilities and emergency notification facilities allow even wheelchair-bound guests to have a fun trip.

Perfect interpretation of space and fashion

The elegant and delicate texture of the Accessible Room incorporates both classical and modern style. Also, the openness of the space and friendly facilities are interwoven.

The modern elements such as clean lines and bright design are used to create a stylish and warm texture.

In addition, the twin bed are designed to provide a care of undisturbed sleep.

A lovely and friendly space

The bathroom space in the accessible room is equipped with L-shaped handrails, washbasin knee space, washbasin handrails, and four emergency notification facilities (calling bells) for contacting staff at any time.

In the independent bath, you can wash away the tiredness of travel, release the accumulated stress, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.
Accessible Room